Living with Bipolar and Depression


Managing Depression

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To Your Wellness & Recovery,
Peter Guess : B.Soc.Sc.(Social Work)
3 September 2015

Welcome to this new section. Are you feeling sad? Or is it more than this? You may be concerned that your sad feelings or other symptoms like insomnia or constant negative thoughts, are not going away.

We will start off with the basics, asking "What is depression?". The compact video introduces the essence of a description and how to deal with it. This will be followed up by a series of videos, short articles and blogs. If you would like to contribute a blog, article or your story, please use the Contact Me tab to the right.

 Click here for My Selection of TOP NEWS on Depression and TIPS to Live Fully

I'm confident that this will help you keep going...

Peter Guess :: 11 August 2012

What Is Depression? How Can We Manage It?


How To Stop Depression Hurting You

Here is a small gift ebook for you in the light of the recent “World Suicide Prevention Day” held on 10 September 2012. Get it free - with seven other ebooks - when you join our Global Network. Sign-up on the right sidebar, top of this page. It's a comprehensive, easy to read book full of her wisdom from years as a counsellor.

We get just one life on earth, just one chance to be happy and healthy. As much as we are able, we owe it to ourselves to protect our psychological lives. Anyone can live to be quite old. Not everyone can live the years they have without feeling sad, hopeless, and miserable. Depression is a devastating disease. We need to fight to get it out of our lives, no matter what it takes.” - Sharon Schurman



Basic Emotional Wellness And Dealing With Depression


The Causes And Effects Of Depression

Click here or on the image above to take a visual tour of neurotransmission system and see how depression works. 

Click the link for another video about "How Neurotransmission Works

Neurotransmission And The Biology Of Depression

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